Adding custom wood medallions to your hardwood floor installation can be a stunning highlight to any room, but especially prominent places like entry ways, fouriers and lobbys. Wood medallions come in countless varieties of shapes, desgins and colors, often composed of many different varieties of woods. Many features of a design can be customized to match your specific floor more closely. For example, if once a desgin has been chosen, different parts of the design can be made from specific woods to match and tie into your new floor. If you are putting a dark walnut floor in your house, a medallion can be made with features out of dark walnut as well. Although there are many fabulous choices, even completely custom designs can be made into a wood medallion and inserted into your floor. We do not make the medallion designs ourselves, but we do install them. Our favorite place to go for wood medallions is Oshkosh Desgins ( although there are other companies to choose from as well. You can order a wood medallion directly from Oshkosh, or we can order it for you.

The medallion gets installed after your floor is installed – we router the exact shape of the medallion into your existing floor and set it in. Medallion thikness must therefore match the thickness of your flooring. For best matches to style, thickness and nature of your wood floor we advise you send a piece/board to Oshkosh prior to them makng your design, so they know what to match it to. Wood medallions can also be installed into existing older wood floors even years later, so it’s never to late to add that “pop” to your entry floor. Also, decorative borders can be made to accent your flooring installation, and even match your medallion in style and desgin. For more information on wood medallions, borders and decorative insert designs, please ask Desert Hardwood Flooring at 928-925-3084.